The 949 Athletics Approach

We believe the most important aspect in training an athlete is to train the Nervous System. The nervous system is the “communicator” between the brain and the body. Muscles simply contract and relax. That's it. The nervous system is responsible for controlling everything else. The nervous system gathers and processes information from the outside world. It then directs, moment to moment, the musculoskeletal system – muscles, nerves, ligaments, and tendons- it coordinates each and every movement. The more the nervous system is systematically trained, the more accurate information it carries and the shorter the time it takes information to be processed. This type of training produces a faster reacting, well balanced, more powerful athlete.


Benefits of our training

• Refines eye-hand and eye-foot coordination

• Precise, quicker more powerful movements

• Improves mental acuity

• Improves equilibrium

• Increases reaction time

• Increases energy

• Increases lean mass

• Diminishes muscle imbalances

• Decreases body fat

• Minimizes risk of injury

• Speeds rate of recovery

• Increases vertical jump and arm speed