Muscles simply contract and relax. That’s it. The nervous system controls everything else—limb speed, power, agility, grace, body integration, timing, rhythm, balance and coordination. These elements define athleticism. Conventional weight training completely ignores the nervous system.

Gifted athletes excel in sports in spite of their conventional weight training regimens—not because of them. Conventional weight training depreciates athleticism because the rate of force production is too slow. The ability to lift or move a heavy weight slowly, is a different motor function than the ability to move at a high rate of speed—which sport demands. The two disciplines enlist completely different neurological components. Conventional weight training conditions the brain that more tension produces better sports performance. It teaches a person to pump out that extra rep with all their might. In fact, the opposite is true. The ability to relax and fire muscles at the highest rate of speed produces the greatest sports performance, which is all controlled by the athletes nervous system.
What dominates athleticism, and sport, is the speed of muscle contraction and the ability to store and use elastic energy. The speed of muscular contraction diminishes as the weight increases. Conventional resistance systems ignore this fact.

These methods help reduce the severity of sports injuries through the combination of muscular equilibrium with rapidly imposed loading to strengthen muscles, strengthen connective tissue, Ligaments and tendons.

We prove every day that it’s not the size of the muscle; it’s the ability to apply force at a faster rate that determines the better athlete.
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